Tax-Exempt Financing

Low Interest Loans (Bonds)

Lower Your Cost of Borrowing with Tax-Exempt Bonds

The Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority offers a way for private borrowers to receive tax-exempt bond financing.  The loan proceeds originate from a bank or bondholders to the borrower; and the Maricopa County IDA, through its authority from the state of Arizona, allows the interest paid on those proceeds to be exempt from federal and often state income tax.

Tax-exempt interest means better rates for you, the borrower and therefore, a lower-cost loan.

In order to receive a tax-exempt loan, the project must have a public purpose, must be considered a qualified private activity bond as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, and you must agree to the Maricopa County IDA’s Bond Financing Fees.

Eligible Projects
house Affordable Housing
Tax-Exempt bonds for affordable Single-Family and Multi-Family (apartments) Housing.
heart Non-Profits 501(c)(3)
Low-cost capital for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, senior care, community centers, and other 501(c)(3) organizations.
road Infrastructure (Exempt-Facility Bonds)
Pay for Infrastructure costs with tax-exempt bonds.
wrench Manufacturing
Save money on your manufacturing facility with lower interest rates.
Maricopa County IDA
Maricopa County IDA

Horizon Community Learning Center $30,000,000 Bonds Issued

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