Tax-Exempt Financing

Infrastructure Projects

Exempt-Facility Bonds

Paying for infrastructure may be the most difficult hurdle when attempting to pay for a development.  One way to lower the cost is it use tax-exempt bonds.

  • Eligible Projects
    • Airports, docks, wharves, mass commuting facilities, parking facilities;
    • Facilities for sewage/solid waste disposal;
    • Facilities for the local furnishing of electric energy or gas;
    • Facilities for furnishing water;
    • Local District heading or cooling facilities;
    • Qualified hazardous waste facilities;
    • Air or water pollution control facilities;
    • Research and development facilities;
    • New or existing correctional facilities within the State; and
    • Qualified green building and sustainable design projects
  • Requirements for Exempt Facility Bonds
    • At least 95 percent of the net proceeds of the bonds (bond proceeds less amounts in the reasonable required reserve or replacement fund) must be used to finance the facilities.
    • The facility must serve or be available on a regular basis for general public use, OR be part of a facility that is so used.
    • More on Exempt-Facility Requirements
Maricopa County IDA

Marc Freestone Day Activity and Senior Center $6,900,000


Marc Community Resources used tax-exempt bonds to expand their ability to provide services to children and adults with developmental and, physical disabilities and behavioral health challenges.

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