Tax-Exempt Financing

Application for Bond Financing

Application Procedure

Thank you for your interest in working with The Industrial Development Authority of the County of Maricopa.   We are excited to work with you in your effort to secure bond financing.

The Maricopa County IDA requires all Applicants to make a complete Application in accordance with the requirements of the Procedural Policies and Application Guidelines (Approved as of 07-17-18) New version 08-01-23 before the Maricopa County IDA considering the Application.  Up to the issuance of bonds, the Authority reserves the right to request from the Applicant any additional information the Maricopa County IDA deems necessary for approval of the Application and issuance of bonds.

To engage the Maricopa County IDA, you must agree to the Bond Financing Fee Schedule.  The fee for filing the Application is $3,000, which must be paid within two days of submitting the application online.  Please keep dates and timeline of the Maricopa County IDA Board meetings in mind when planning your bond financing.

Maricopa County IDA

Christian Care Retirement, Inc. $39,510,000 Bond Refunding

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